Top 3 Best Selling Clothing Websites Templates

Best Selling Clothing Websites Templates

When thinking of selling clothes online, you’ll have to find a platform to facilitate sales. Here, you’ll be faced with two choices; create your e-commerce website or use established e-commerce marketplaces like Poshmark, ThredUP or eBay. Cloth sellers who are keen on getting maximum profitability usually drift towards building their own e-commerce websites. Although creating your own e-commerce website can be costly initially, once it’s up and running, you won’t have to pay recurring monthly fees or share your profits with anyone. 

When building your e-commerce website, you’ll need a template to make it eye-catching. But, with a ton of templates out there, it can almost be an insurmountable challenge to choose the best for your e-commerce store. Happily, we’ve rounded up the best clothing website templates. Slide down to see them:

Top 3 best-selling clothing websites templates # 1: Lil Collection

If you want to create a minimalistic e-commerce website to sell clothes for money, Lil Collection is an excellent choice. It comes with a great, simple layout. It has a feminine and user-friendly design, which means it’s a great choice when selling women clothing. It also features a huge slider that you can use to display your latest promos. While it’s great for women’s clothing, you can also use it to sell men’s clothing.

Top 3 best-selling clothing websites templates # 2: Acumen

Acumen is one of the best clothing website templates out there. It’s grid-based and a product of Magento. While it’s good for clothing e-commerce websites, it’s designed to fit a huge range of e-commerce stores. The reason why fashion business owners like it is that it’s easy to customize. It also comes with a white background to enable your product photos to stand out. Acumen comes with all the necessary features you would want in a minimalistic e-commerce website.

Top 3 best-selling clothing websites templates # 3: Autumn

Prestashop created this template. It’s simple, clean and modern. It comes with a responsive design to make it look consistent across different browsers. It was explicitly designed for clothing e-commerce websites, but you can use it for hats, footwear, and any women fashion e-commerce websites. It’s a customizable template, which means you can change the layout, color, and other features to fit the needs and goals of your e-commerce store.


Thousands of clothing websites templates are created every day, which means you have to flip through a ton of pages to find one that reflects your business. With this list, your work has been significantly reduced.

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